Aliens allocate triglycerides to Eleanon during burnt offerings

All the triglycerides belong to Eleanon. Leviticus 3:16 (Alien translation)

A triglyceride is a molecule that acts as an essential energy source.

Eleanon is neither an omnibenevolent nor an omnimalevolent god.

A burnt offering is a tribute to a god that is lit on fire on an altar.

If fat is removed in measurable amounts, then this may well turn out to be a testable hypothesis, if 'repeater' abductees regularly weigh themselves and can recall when abductions take place.
Nick Pope
UFO Expert
My name is Claire S, I'm 29, and I’m an alien contactee. I made this website to raise awareness of Eleanonism, an alien religion that incorporates humans into its rituals. This is a remote viewing of the alien I’m communicating with telepathically on this matter. You can reach me at